Legacies and Tough Men: Felipe Alou’s Incredible Journey

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The book that I wanted to talk about for today is another autobiography. It’s written by Felipe Alou and entitled “Alou: My Baseball Journey”. If you are not familiar with who he is, you are missing out. Mr. Alou has had a vastly colorful baseball journey.

This book details a lot of his experiences well and discusses them all quite vividly. You really get the sense of the truth that he carries with him as he tells his tale. As a non-white player so early on in the land of the major leagues, he experienced a heck of a lot of BS from the hands of coaches, other players, and even team owners.

Instead of letting all that weigh him down or sink to their level, he expresses how he was able to rise above all of it and maintain his dignity in the face of extremely difficult times. Felipe Alou goes on to share his experiences as he transcended being a player and went on to be a manager. One thing that I found good about this book is how Alou is not shy at all when it comes to talking about racism and how it affected him personally.

I definitely enjoyed this book and would highly recommend this book for sports fans everywhere. Not only does it go into great detail about the sport of baseball but it goes into wonderful depth about the person behind the book. I think you’ll be able to enjoy this book the same way I did!

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