Mind Over Body: Deena Kastor and Her Powerful Thoughts

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The book that I wanted to talk about today is an autobiography that’s written by Deena Kastor. She named it “ Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory”. I was not quite sure what to expect from this book but I have a penchant for picking good ones so I was looking forward to this one. A short Google about Deena Kastor yielded a lot of useful information. I honestly did not know that she was an Olympic Medalist.

The book wasn’t so much a chronicle of her life but more of an explanation of her thought processes as she faces adversity in her sport. She takes her readers through a rather honest look at how she thoughts about things and how the negative emotions that she harbored almost caused her to quit the sport that she loved.

If you’re a runner, you will be able to appreciate the motivational wisdom that Kastor has in her book. After all, she’s been through some of the toughest scenarios that a runner could find themselves in. I admit that there are a lot of lessons in this book but the pacing for me is rather slow.

At times, it feels a little dragging so I wasn’t able to completely enjoy the book. It’s too bad since the message is good. I would probably think that there are those that would be able to appreciate this book in its entirety but I’m just not one of them, I guess.

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